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Do you have 2020 Vision?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Are you ready for the next decade?

Or are you sitting at your desk thinking "shit where did the year go?"

No matter what your situation now is the right time to start getting a plan in place for the new year. Don't wait till January. By the time you've started implementing, the year will be well underway.

December is the best time to plan because:

* No one else is doing it: Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays.

* You can have a plan ready for January.

* A January ready plan means you make the most of the full year.

* You have clear memory of this year. All the ups and downs are fresh.

* You can enter into the holiday period confident you will smash it next year. This has a direct correlation on how much you can enjoy your time off.

If you just want to get the year over, rest and then start planning in late January. Then don't!! But then again, you have the power of choice.

Right now you can choose to continue being like the masses, or start your business ahead of the crowd and start planning now!

Contact us to organise a complimentary 15 minute webinar or phone call to see if you qualify for a heavily discounted Strategy Map on a page for your business. A comprehensive plan that I personally used to triple our revenue and sell our business to a listed company.


Jim Rohn - The Power of Choice


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